2016, English subtitles (Émile Schneider, Juliette Gosselin, Céline Bonnier). 1940 Montreal. Peter cares for his invalid twin sister, Berthe, and during their time together, her sexual drive awakens and she attempts to seduce him. When he eventually falls in love, he finds he is haunted by his sister's sexual fantasy.


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Montreal, 1940. Pierre, 22 years-old, wanted to join the Allied forces but has to look after his twin sister, Berthe, who was born disabled. One day, awakening to her own sensuality, she tries to seduce him. Pierre rejects her advances, but remains haunted by the fantasy of his sister... Directed by: André Forcier (Canada, 2016) Cast: Émile Schneider (Pierre), Juliette Gosselin (Berthe), Mylène Mackay (Marguerite), Céline Bonnier (Yvonne), Tony Nardi (Élio), Luca Asselin (Ollier), Réal Bossé (Elphège) Genre: drama Parental guidance: TV-14
Oct, 13 2019 02:59 am