As children, we all dream about the future and what we might like to be “when we grow up.” In the French autobiographical comedy DieuMerci!, we follow the protagonist (who carries the same name as the film title) as he goes about pursuing his childhood dream later on in life. While this movie is in French, English subtitles are provided for your convenience.


Film Synopsis


At 44 years of age, DieuMerci (Jean-Baptiste) gets out of jail and sets about pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an actor. He begins by enrolling for drama classes at the prestigious Cours Venturi and finds various grueling jobs to finance himself while he learns the ropes. A bromance with his acting partner Clément (Lecaplain) provides much of the humor throughout this lighthearted film.


About DieuMerci!


Genre:      Comedy movie in French

Directed by:      Lucien Jean-Baptiste

Written by:      Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Gregory Boutboul, and Veronique Armenakian

Starring:      Lucien Jean-Baptiste (Dieumerci), Baptiste Lecaplain (Clément), and Delphine Théodore (Brigitte)

Country:      France

Year:      2016

Length:      95 minutes

Subtitles:      English


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