1945. Jules´ fiancée is found murdered along with the German family of farmers who she worked for. Jules, a policeman, leads the investigation. But he soon comes up against resistance from the highest ranks to cover up the grey areas of the Occupation. Directed by: Christophe Wagner (Luxembourg/Belgium, 2015) Cast: Luc Schiltz (Jules), André Jung (Hubertus), Eugénie Anselin (Mathilde), Jules Werner (Armand), Fabienne Hollwege (Marie), Elsa Rauchs (Léonie), Raoul Schlechter (Claude), Jean-Paul Raths (Hary), Jean-Paul Maes (Papp), Luc Feit (Glesener) Genre: history Awards: Best film (Luxembourg 2016), Francophone Achievement Trophy (Trophées Francophones du Cinéma in Beirut 2016)

March 29 at 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT

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