2017, English subtitles (India Hair, Julie Depardieu). Aglaé can only find balance in her life through her job. When she learns her factory is being relocated to India, she takes a job thousands of miles away from home. Airs: February 17 at 8:30pm ET

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Aglaé has only one stable anchor in her life: her job in a car crash test factory. When the work is relocated offshore, she surprises everyone by agreeing to move to India to avoid losing her job. Accompanied by two colleagues, she begins the long drive East by car... Direction, screenplay: Éric Gravel (France, 2015) Cast: India Hair (Aglaé), Julie Depardieu (Liette), Yolande Moreau (Marcelle), Anne Charrier (the head of human resources), Frédérique Bel (Lola), Tristan Ulloa (Clovis), Adil Hussain (Shankar), Hanns Zichler (Furstenberg), Éric Berger (relocation manager) Genre: comedy drama Awards: nomination (Annonay 2018)
Apr, 02 2019 03:14 am