Cinéastes à Tout Prix - A Cannes Nominated French Documentary On Film


This French documentary on film provides a portrait of three audacious Belgian auteurs who make features on a shoestring budget. For these self-financed artists, cinema is not simply a casual pastime — it’s intimately connected to life itself.

Cinéastes à tout prix, also known in English as “Born to Film”, moves from one filmmaker to another — each appearing in person — revealing a great diversity of worlds and genres in their work over a long period of time, and yet finding a common thread of creative themes and aesthetics. Without even realizing it, these Belgians are quietly reinventing the art of filmmaking from the margins, making the real seem delusional with amazing films that could challenge Hollywood itself.

The Filmmakers Featured in Cinéastes à Tout Prix

Jacques Hardy is a retired economics teacher who applies his talent to a wide range of cinematic genres, including sword-and-sandal epics, Westerns, and thrillers.

Max Naveaux, a former projectionist, dedicates himself to war films set during the Second World War. The realism of his style even goes so far as to shoot with real bullets and explosives.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a mason who works at the “La Posterie” cultural center. He keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats with films so unpredictable that they never see the next shot coming.

About the Film

Directed by: Frédéric Sojcher (Belgium, 2004)
Starring: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Max Naveaux, Jacques Hardy, Benoît Poelvoorde, Noël Godin, Bouli Lanners
Genre: Documentary
Awards: Nomination (Cannes 2004)

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