One morning, Fanette receives a letter from a stranger resembling her first love Philippe. The letter invites her to a rendez-vous, but the man who shows up isn’t who she was expecting…

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The reminiscence of her first love´s name is like a revelation for Fanette. One morning, a letter left by a silhouette resembling the famous Philippe fixes a rendez-vous. Has she dreamed it? But when she meets the alluring Matt, she can´t allow herself to go... Directed by: Tonie Marshall (France/Canada/Spain, 2002) Cast: Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve), William Hurt (Matt), Hélène Fillières (Lucie), Patrice Chéreau (Pierre), Bernard Le Coq (Bernard) Genre: comedy drama
Sep, 25 2017 03:08 am