English subtitles. Isabelle Huppert, Bernard Giraudeau. Lola, a novelist and an independent woman, wonders if she will ever have children. Lola is in love with two men, but both are married and already have children.


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Lola, a 35 year-old novelist with writer's block, ponders the question of whether she'll ever have children of her own. She lives with David and has just met Tom. She now has two men in her life! Two men she loves... But both are married and already have children. Directed by: Diane Kurys (France, 1992) Cast: Isabelle Huppert (Lola), Bernard Giraudeau (David), Hippolyte Girardot (Tom), Lio (Marianne), Yvan Attal (Romain), Chrystelle Labaude (Christine), Judith Reval (Rachel), Laure Killing (Elisabeth) Genre: comedy drama