If your little brother had a terminal illness, to what lengths would you go to make his dreams come true? That is the mission of Leo and his best friends Franck and Lounès when Leo’s brother Ben Perez is diagnosed with cancer. However, this is not your usual trip to Disneyland situation—Ben has always wanted to rob a bank!

With all of the necessary plans in place, the group heads out in a taxi to perform a fake robbery. But when the taxi drops the band off at the wrong bank, the act turns into a real heist!

Featuring French Comedian Kev Adams

This French indie film was the brainchild of John Eledjam and features the input and acting talent of celebrated comedian Kev Adams. If you feel like having a laugh, tune in and watch Amis Publics.

About Amis Publics

Genre: Comedy drama

Directed by: Edouard Pluvieux

Produced by: Elisa Soussan, David-Christophe Barrot, and Nathalie Cohen Smadja

Written by: Kev Adams, Grégory Boutboul, John Eledjam, and Edouard Pluvieux

Starring: Kev Adams (Léo Perez), Paul Bartel (Ben Perez), Chloé Coulloud (Ana), and Vincent Elbaz (Bartoloméo)

Country: France

Year: 2016

Length: 98 minutes

Subtitles: English

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Subtitles: en