TV5MONDE pays tribute to Lino Ventura in February. Ventura plays Captain Verjeat who is appointed along with inspector Lefèvre to investigate a cold-blooded murder.

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Next scheduled broadcast Feb, 27 2018 08:30 pm
During a fight between poster stickers in an election campaign, an inspector and a young boy are cold-bloodedly murdered by the right-hand man of candidate Pierre Lardatte, a law-and-order and morality campaigner. Captain Verjeat and inspector Lefèvre are appointed to investigate the case. Directed by: Pierre Granier-Deferre (France, 1975) Screenplay: Francis Veber Cast: Lino Ventura (Verjeat), Patrick Dewaere (Lefèvre), Victor Lanoux (Lardatte), Julien Guiomar (Ledoux), Pierre Tornade (Pignol), Françoise Brion (Marthe), Claude Rich (Delmesse), Gérard Hérold (Moitrié) Genre: drama Awards: 2 nominations (César 1976).
Mar, 03 2018 01:30 am