While travelling abroad, Alice learns that her mother has accidentally died. Her supposed father requests that her body be repatriated to France, but it has been told he has been dead for 22 years. Is it really him?

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Episode 1 Jan, 19 2018 08:30 pm
Alice learns of her mother's accidental death while travelling in Canada. The body has been repatriated to France at the request of her husband, Alice's father. But he has supposedly been dead for 22 years. Is it really her father? Why would her mother have lied to her? Directed by: Julien Despaux (France, 2016) Screenplay: Soiliho Bodin, Nicolas Clément Cast: Laura Smet (Alice), Alexia Barlier (Lili), Pierre Perrier (Paul Lafargue), Adama Niane (Charles Meyer), Jacques Spiesser (Alexandre Caussey), Bastien Bouillon (Logan), Claude Lecat (Sylvie Lafargue) Genre: drama Parental guidance: TV-PG
Feb, 20 2018 03:15 am