English subtitles. Adapted from the best-selling novels by Graham Hurley, Deux flics sur les docks follows two police officers on the front lines of a brutal turf war on the streets of Le Havre.

Subtitles: en
Episode 12 Jul, 23 2019 01:30 am
Dead loves A man's body is found at the wheel of his car near the bridge linking Le Havre with Honfleur. It rapidly transpires that the victim led a double life between these two towns: two wives and two children who knew nothing of each other, two identical homes and offices. Directed by: Edwin Baily (France, 2016) Screenplay: Olivier Prieur Cast: Jean-Marc Barr (Faraday), Bruno Solo (Winckler), Mata Gabin (Lucie Dardenne), Liza Manili (Julie Fabian), Emmanuel Salinger (Bazza Swaty), Guillaume Viry (Bill Gates), Jean-Marie Hall (Lulu), Julien Boulenguiez (Jimmy), Grégoire Didelot (Sam Narcisse), Lyna Khoudri (Amandine Sayad), Maryam Zghal (Véra Sayad), Laurence Cordier (Marianne Narcisse), Serge Biavan (David Narcisse) Genre: detective Parental guidance: TV-PG
Aug, 21 2019 03:03 am