Season 6 and final season! On the picturesque island of Réunion, a group of family and friends go through dramas, engage in steamy love affairs, and form surprising bonds in the Cut series TV drama. This show takes on the ambitious task of blurring the lines between TV fiction and the virtual world with digital storylines and the possibility to interact with characters on social media.


Television Meets the Internet


Laura is the protagonist of the TV part of the Cut series show with her son Jules running the digital storylines. On his web pages, the audience can see him communicating with the other characters, creating plot complications not seen on TV, and sharing personal insights that enrich and extend the storyline. By continuing the show daily in the online world, followers can feel that they are part of something much bigger than a fictional world on the small screen.


About Cut series


Genre: TV Drama
Directed by: Bertrand Cohen, Eugénie Dard, Marie Roussin, and Stéphane Meunier

Produced by: Bertrand Cohen, Patrice Laurent, and Stéphane Meunier

Starring: Julie Boulanger (Laura), Ambroise Michel (Adil), Élodie Varlet (Angèle), and Sébastien Capgras (Jules)

Country: France

Year: 2013 - current

Length: 26 minutes

Subtitles: English


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Subtitles: en