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Watch Caïn on TV5MONDE USA to discover what this quirky and determined police officer in a wheelchair will get up to next, as he investigates crime and exploits his handicap to get around rules and obstacles.

Cases to Crack

In this French language TV mystery series, Fred Caïn finds himself faced with a number of diverse cases to solve in his life as a police commissioner. These range from attempted murders with gunfire, to poisonings, child custody battles, and false set-ups to have Caïn found guilty for crimes he didn’t commit. Watch him piece together the clues and find new evidence to discover what really happened and bring the culprits to justice.

Season 4

Directed by: Christophe Douchand
Screenplay: Laurent Vachaud
Cast: Bruno Debrandt (Caïn), Julie Delarme (Lucie), Frédéric Pellegeay (Jacques Moretti), Mourad Boudaoud (Borel), Hélène Seuzaret (Sonia Darlan), Bruno Wolkowitch (Mathias Very), Gérard Desarthe (Paul Vignères), Jeanne Ruff (Sylvie Very)
Genre: Detective fiction series
Country: France
Year: 2015
Episode length: 52 minutes

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