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Watch 300 Millions de Critiques weekly for entertaining cultural and international news from around the French speaking world. Hear the diverse perspectives of Belgian, Swiss, Canadian, Quebecois, and French journalists on current cultural issues — a unique concept from TV5MONDE.

Presented by: Guillaume Durand
Airs: Weekly on Saturday afternoons and early Monday mornings (check the schedule for exact times)

About 300 Millions de Critiques:

Originally called “200 Millions de Critiques”, 300 Millions de Critiques (“300 Million Critics”) is the first Francophone cultural magazine in the world, and its new name reflects the fact that the show currently reaches 354 million homes every week. Topics include literature, cinema, contemporary art, music, and theater, representing French-speaking countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America.

The journalists that work with presenter Guillaume Durand come from a number of public broadcasting services, such as RTBF, RTS, Télé Québec, and Radio Canada, as well as from TV5MONDE.

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Episode 42 Jun, 25 2018 04:34 am
The first major cultural magazine for the French-speaking world, an original TV5MONDE concept, "300 millions de critiques" (300 million critics) reviews French-speaking cultural news through the viewpoints of Belgian, Swiss, Canadian, Quebecker, and French journalists. Presented by: Guillaume Durand.
Episode 43 Jun, 30 2018 05:00 pm
Best of Guillaume Durand and his team look back on the season highlights, examining Francophone cultural news from every angle. A great opportunity to discover or rediscover clips from the main debates on "300 Millions de critiques" and to see the best of the "cultural news roundup". Presenter: Guillaume Durand.
Jul, 02 2018 04:38 am