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Episode 56 Oct, 21 2019 08:30 pm
Marie de' Medici or the lust for power This Italian princess became Queen of France. One of the Medicis, a shady Tuscan banking family, Marie experienced luxury and power but also humiliation and destitution. The mother of several European monarchs and grandmother of Louis XIV, Marie de' Medici's life resembled a fairy tale. Presentation: Stéphane Bern.
Episode 50 Oct, 28 2019 09:30 pm
Joséphine: Napoleon's irresistible empress The incredible story of Napoléon's first wife Joséphine, the woman he truly loved, that he made his empress then rejected. Despite this, he maintained an unbreakable bond with her all his life... Presented by: Stéphane Bern.
Episode 67 Nov, 04 2019 08:30 pm
Jean de La Fontaine, a man of fables... A monument of literature, socialite and dreamer, Parisian and provincial, learned yet accessible, a pleasure-lover but driven by a sincere faith, La Fontaine lived as he wanted to: as a free man. One encounter turned out to be decisive: that with Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendant of Finances for Louis XIV ... Presented by: Stéphane Bern.