If you’re the kind of person who follows every royal wedding and public scandal with interest, the French documentary Historical Secrets is for you. Presented by Stéphane Bern, this fascinating documentary series goes beyond the information in textbooks to investigate the life and times of personalities from history.

Monarchs, Conquerors, and Saints

In the episodic documentary series Secrets d'histoire, you will meet a wide variety of historical figures, including:

  • Monarchs, such as King Philippe of France, Moulay Ismail of Morocco, and King Henry III of England
  • Casanova
  • Michael-Angelo
  • The sister of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Joan of Arc

Travel with Stéphane to famous landmarks and palaces around Europe as he digs beneath the surface and uncovers little-known and often surprising details of these historical figures’ lives.

About Historical Secrets

Genre: Documentary

Starring: Stéphane Bern

Country: France

Year: 2007

Length: 90 minutes

Subtitles: English

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Episode 60 Sep, 09 2019 08:30 pm
Ramses II, Tutankhamun, the Egypt of the pharaohs Journey to the heart of ancient Egypt looking at the lives of the two most famous pharaohs in history: Ramses II and Tutankhamun. Presenter: Stéphane Bern.