What makes one country laugh may raise eyebrows in another. See the world one laugh at a time with unique perspectives from humorists, sociologists, and comedians.

Episode 4 Jul, 26 2019 06:30 pm
German laughter It is impossible to ignore German history, notably the Nazi period and the division of Berlin. Over time the Germans have learnt to use the past to their advantage. Normand Brathwaite sets off to discover a bold audacious German humour, where anything goes as long as it raises a laugh... Directed by: Mathieu Fontaine (season 2, Canada, 2017)
Episode 5 Aug, 02 2019 06:30 pm
Danish laughter An immersion in the Danish sense of humour, in the company of the presenter Katherine Levac. Whether it is with their fearless satirical caricatures or their television series that freely make fun of national characteristics, the Danish laugh at absolutely everything and anything however vulgar. Directed by: François Méthé (season 2, Canada, 2017)