English subtitles. Épicerie Fine, Terroirs Gourmands, presented by Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin, presents iconic foods and ingredients that are associated with French cuisine and the experts who work with each of them. 

Épicerie Fine, Terroirs Gourmands - Watch This French Culinary Television Program

Every episode offers viewers a chance to see passionate food lovers who make French cuisine so iconic and beloved around the world.

Tune into this French culinary television program every week to learn about a new dish, ingredient, and the culinary masterminds behind them.

Presented by Guy Martin

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Episode 17 Jan, 23 2021 05:54 pm
In the region around Valence In the Drôme department, Nathalie Blachon discusses the aspects specific to growing Grenoble walnuts, a nut with protected designation of origin status, and those of the hazelnut. Jean Esprit discusses winemaking in the vineyards of Crozes-Hermitage and Sylvaine Simon talks about an innovative personal project for a circular garden. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Jan, 26 2021 11:30 am
Episode 18 Jan, 30 2021 06:00 pm
In the region around Redon In north-west France, in the very heart of the Redon region, Véronique Ceaux produces craft cider. Camille Hivert shares her experience as an apprentice organic market gardener. Emmanuelle Nogues and Emmanuel Lemare take us to discover the Saint-Just megaliths, a site where ecology rhymes with historical heritage. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Feb, 02 2021 11:30 am
Episode 19 Feb, 06 2021 05:53 pm
In the region around Ribérac In the natural region centred on Ribérac, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the dairy farmer Edwige Texier makes artisan ice cream. Angélique Lavilette opens the doors to Terre de Beaulieu, an agroecology estate in the Périgord. Vincent Labourel and Tristan Delperou talk to us about the drying-up of peatlands and water courses. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Feb, 09 2021 11:30 am