Romantic Comedy, 2019. Follow the adventures of two former classmates from cosmetology school who team up to open a hair salon. English subtitles.

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Next scheduled broadcast Mar, 08 2021 11:34 pm
In his thirties, Victor is planning to open his own hairdressing salon and invites Célia, his ex, to become his associate. She accepts on one condition: that the project remains strictly professional! But the romantic problems they thought buried and forgotten, rapidly return to haunt them... Directed by: Pierre Jolivet (France, 2018) Cast: Arthur Dupont (Victor), Alice Belaïdi (Célia), Adrien Jolivet (Ben), Bérengère Krief (Louise), Tassadit Mandi (Mamie Chou), Bruno Bénabar (Max), Aurélien Portehaut (Seb), Sarah Kristian (Inès) Genre: comedy
Mar, 19 2021 02:30 am