Ben joins a morning radio show, but he soon learns the show is in jeopardy with its low ratings.  Determined to increase their ratings, the hosts begin a bus tour of France to reconnect with their listeners.


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Next scheduled broadcast Nov, 22 2018 08:30 pm
Ben, in mid-professional and personal breakdown, joins Alex, Cyril and Arnold on the Blast FM morning show. With the station haemorrhaging listeners, the team takes a bus to the roads of France to seek out and win back their audience. A tough initiation for the arrogant guys from Paris... Directed by: Romain Lévy (France, 2011) Cast: Manu Payet (Alex), Clovis Cornillac (Arnold), Douglas Attal (Ben), Pascal Demolon (Cyril), Benjamin Laverhne (Smiters), Côme Levin (Jérémy) Genre: comedy Awards: rewarded at the Alpe d'Huez festival 2012.
Dec, 02 2018 01:30 am