English subtitles, 2018. Vincent Rottiers, George Babluani, Charlotte Van Bervesseles.
In this heist gone wrong, two struggling friends, Danis and Eric, decide to burgle a crooked politician, only to prevent him from committing suicide.
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Danis and Éric work on the docks at Le Havre, each month it's difficult to make ends meet. One day Éric's sister, Alexandra, sees someone being given a suitcase filled with banknotes. The three decide to steal the money. Without realising it their action triggers an infernal spiral... Direction, screenplay: Gela Babluani (France/USA, 2016) Cast: George Babluani (Danis), Vincent Rottiers (Éric), Charlotte Van Bervesselès (Alexandra), Louis-Do de Lencquesaing (Mercier), Benoît Magimel (Vincent), Anouk Grinberg (Anaïs), Olivier Rabourdin (Charles), Arben Bajraktaraj (Goran), Féodor Atkine (Jean-Philippe) Genre: detective Awards: nomination (Angoulême 2017) Parental guidance: TV-14
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