An otherwise shy and unassuming police officer, Franck, is assigned to a case involving the stalking of young women. Turns out that Franck is none other than the dangerous psychopath commiting these crimes.

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Oise, 1978. Franck, a shy and unassuming young police officer, is none other than the dangerous psychopath stalking the region for several months, targeting young women. Appointed to investigate his own crimes, he covers his tracks. But the noose gradually tightens around him. Direction, screenplay: Cédric Anger (France, 2013) Cast: Guillaume Canet (Franck), Ana Girardot (Sophie), Jean-Yves Berteloot (Lacombe), Patrick Azam (Tonton), Arnaud Henriet (Locray), Douglas Attal (Nono), Pierick Tournier (Carpentier), Alexandre Carrière (Ossart), Franck Andrieux (Auzier) Genre: detective Awards: nominations (César 2015, Lumière press awards 2015) Parental guidance: TV-14