The one all about the circus...

By Didier Allouch, host of Rendez-vous d'Amérique

My dear francophiles, francovorous and francophageous friends, our times were strange, they’re now totally berserk. This situation is what it is, I’m not here to tell you what to do but please, be safe. Somewhere, in a book, someone wrote: “This too shall pass." And yes, this too shall freaking pass…

"You’ll see a lot of kids smile and laugh during this episode."

So stay safe, stay home, don’t go crazy on toilet paper, read a lot of French books, watch a lot of French movies on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand, watch TV5MONDE (we’re not going anywhere) and eat a lot of saucisson, cheese and chocolate with a glass of Bourgogne. There’s nothing like that to feel better…

Oh yes, there is something else, the circus… Of course, no way to take the kids to the circus right now, but if you’re in need of clowns and acrobats, we’re here for you. We have prepared a Circus Special in Rendez-Vous d’Amérique.

Through the years, we realized that most of the circus touring in the US had a French-speaking element to it. Thanks to the Cirque Du Soleil, of course, but not only… During our years covering the French-cultural event in America, we have covered circus coming from Quebec, France, Belgium, from everywhere we speak French. As if circus was a French tradition… It is, but far from exclusively. Circuses are as universal as anything can be. In fact, the modern circus started in 1770 in England. Yes, I did my research (aka I went on Wikipedia)… No French there… But Cirque Du Soleil changed everything. They added an unexpected artistic dimension to the talent of the jugglers, acrobats or other clowns. And every circus managers around the world followed their path.

In this episode, we’ll talk about several French-speaking circus troupes, including Cirque Du Soleil, that dare do things differently, that dare to try new stuff that makes their art evolved. And the audience is delighted…

You’ll see a lot of kids smile and laugh during this episode.

And in the time we live in, these smiles and laughs are essential.

Remember, this too shall pass. Soon, we’ll all smile and laugh with our children…

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Cavalia's Odesseo features 67 horses under the largest "Big Top" in the world!
"Soon, we’ll all smile and laugh with our children…"
Machine de Cirque features acrobatics, juggling, and comedy!