A new generation of artists from French overseas departments and territories share their musical creativity and authenticity at The Olympia in Paris.

Episode 1 Dec, 21 2019 11:00 pm
An exceptional concert at Olympia, Paris, with the new generation of artists from overseas France. Showcasing the richness of sound produced by the French overseas departments and territories, it underlines how skilfully the overseas musical scene blends creativity and authenticity. For this 2nd edition, Marijosé Alie was given carte blanche. Guests: Julien Béramis, Maurane Voyer, Patko, Sega''el, Staco & Kitoko, Vaheana Fernandez, Jyssé, Alexandra Hernandez... Presented by: Marijosé Alie, Amanda Scott, Claudio. Directed by: Selim Isker (France, 2019)