French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. Discover the influencers and trendsetters who are constantly evolving in anticipation of the next big thing.

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Episode 22 Sep, 30 2018 03:51 pm
Special feature: designer fashion In today's programme: - Best of... designer fashion parades - Guo Pei, a Chinese designer and guest member of the French designer fashion scene - Mikimoto and Anna Hu, two fashion houses which recently joined the official calendar for designer fashion and designer jewellery week Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Oct, 03 2018 09:56 pm
Episode 23 Oct, 07 2018 03:44 pm
In today's programme: - Style news - Spotlight on: château Angélus, a place, a vineyard, a history - A brief history of the fork - Know how: Pierre Bonnefille, artist, matiériste, craftsman, chemist - Good manners: hairdressing - Portrait of the jeweller Élie Top Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Episode 24 Oct, 14 2018 03:43 pm
Best of: gastronomy In today's programme: - Those who teach gastronomy: Ferrières and Cordon bleu - Those who practice it: Galerie Culinaire Paris - Those who support it: porcelain by Bernardaud and Malle w. Trousseau - Those who adapt it: the chocolatier Patrick Roger and Fromage fashion week Commentary: Viviane Blassel.