Get inspired with the latest ideas and innovations in French culture with Tendance XXI. With this upbeat and highly creative lifestyle show, you will meet up-and-coming French influencers in the fields of fashion, design, crafts, beauty, and gastronomy. Join us each week to be inspired by the know-how of the French in the constantly-evolving scenes of fashion and home décor. It’s enough to make us dream of owning some of these fabulous designer products for ourselves!


All Things Chic

When you tune in to Tendance XXI, prepare yourself for a buffet of nifty tips and advice about all things chic and fashionable. In a single episode, you can learn about topics as diverse as the art of lamp design, how to find the perfect biker jacket, and catch a glimpse of the latest designer jewelry from French influencers like Marie-Paule Quercy.


About Tendance XXI

Genre: Lifestyle documentary

Commentary by: Fashion reporter Viviane Blassel

Country: France

Year: Since 2015

Length: 26 minutes

Subtitles: English


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Subtitles: en
Episode 9 Aug, 09 2020 03:35 pm
Best of accessories In today's programme: From Chéri Bibi hats to slippers from François Chastel, from the François Tamarin corset to Lucas de Staël glasses, from Shourouk jewellery to the Duvelleroy fan... We look at "must-have" fashion accessories, to stay stylish whatever the situation. Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Aug, 11 2020 05:00 am
Episode 10 Aug, 16 2020 03:37 pm
In today's programme: - Style news - Spotlight on Marie-Liesse Thery, clef d'or concierge at the Prince de Galles - A brief history of nail varnish - Leather goods: Atelier Penso - How should you carry your bag? - More ethical and environmentally-friendly practices: the example set by Chopard Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Aug, 21 2020 04:15 am
Episode 11 Aug, 23 2020 03:36 pm
In today's programme: - Style news - Spotlight on embroidery from Atelier Montex - A brief history of the Mandarin collar - Lip watches - How to lay a table - Indemne soap Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Aug, 24 2020 10:01 pm